Treat Your Furry Friend to a Pet Gift Box Subscription

April 21st, 2015 by Kayleigh Davidson with no comments

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Earth Day is April 22nd and to honor and recognize this day, Pet Gift Box has created a “green”, eco-friendly box for all of their subscribers!


Here’s what was inside:


K9 Granola Factory’s All-Natural Oven Fresh Quacks in Blueberry & Vanilla flavor were such a huge hit in my house! These duck shaped treats smelled absolutely delicious when I opened the bag, and my girls went bonkers for them every time. We also shared a couple with our friend’s dogs (two Yorkies) and they loved them as well. I really liked the simplicity of the ingredients: rolled oats, barley flour, oat flour, brown rice syrup, flax, canola oil, blueberries, and vanilla. I know what all of these ingredients are which is hard to say for a lot of dog products.

Retail: $8.49 per 10oz. bag


Next up was a Bubba Rose Biscuit Company Earth themed cookie! I’m seriously obsessed with adorable cookies. Just this weekend, my husband and I took our girls to the Columbus Pet Expo and I tried to convince him to stop at every stand that had cute treats. Luckily for me he keeps me grounded, but it’s hard for me to resist sometimes. It seems silly, but the excitement our girls have when we say, “Do you want a special treat?” versus, “Do you want a treat?” is so adorable and totally worth the splurge.

Retail: $3.99 per cookie


My girls love jerky, but really what dog doesn’t? There was absolutely no exception when they snacked on the Pet Greens Treats: Savory Beef Recipe goodies in their box this month. I was really intrigued by the ingredients in this bag of treats, particularly with the fact that they contain wheat grass. Wheat grass doesn’t contain any gluten and is a great source of antioxidants and nutrients that our beloved pets could really use. I can always appreciate treats that want my dogs to be as healthy as possible, and treats that contain ingredients I can actually pronounce and understand what they are.

Retail: $8.99 per bag


The Petlou Naturally Twisted Turtle was the featured toy in this month’s box, and my girls loved it. I really loved the sea turtle design and the fact that the toy was made out of all natural materials. My girls also really enjoyed the variety of textures that the toy offered, especially Dolly who is still chewing on every toy she can get her paws on.

Retail: $10.99 per 10” turtle


Dogs go to the bathroom, and as dog parents it’s our responsibility to clean it up. Why not clean up their mess and help eliminate the amount of plastic waste our world produces? That’s right, some of Earth Rated’s dog poop bags are 100% plastic free! They are made out of plant (specifically vegetable) material, and the inner cores of the rolls are made out of recycled materials. The packaging is too! In addition to saving the environment, Earth Rated is also committed to helping out pups in shelters.

Retail: $5.99 per dispenser


I hate to admit it, but I’m sure all pet parents have this issue: sometimes my sweet, beautiful girls make our tiny apartment smell, well, bad. It’s a tough fact that we must face as pet parents, and there are tons of products on the market that suggest that they will help. Luckily, this month’s Pet Gift Box contained a product that works! Absolutely Clean Pet Stain and Odor Remover is an eco-friendly, and non-toxic, cleaning product that you can use just about anywhere in your home! You can use it on upholstery after your furry friend leaves a mess (Bella drools everywhere), on the carpet when you are spot treating, or even in a carpet-cleaning machine. You can also use it as a degreaser in the kitchen.

Retail: $4.00 per 2oz bottle

Total Retail Value: $42.45

Cost of Pet Gift Box: $17.99

Total Savings: $24.46!

A Pet Gift Box subscription is really quite a steal! Every month, I am amazed by the contents of the box, the quality and variety of the products, and most of all, the savings! While I am one of those pet parents who loves to spoil her pets, I also try to find ways to save money while I’m doing it. Pinching pennies is all the rage these days, and Pet Gift Box allows you to do just that when caring for your furry friends. Plus, by the time you run out of treats each month, another Pet Gift Box will arrive on your doorstep.

If you are interested in treating your furry best friend to a special surprise each month, click here to sign up for Pet Gift Box. Also, exclusive for our readers, use the code THECLUBMOM at check out to receive 25% off of your first box. Your purchase helps support America’s VetDogs, providing assistance to veterans with disabilities.


I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I received the products mentioned above for free in the hope that I would review it on our blog site. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for our readers.