Unicorn Themed Birthday Party at Main Event in West Chester!

July 17th, 2017 by Amanda with no comments

As you read, April/May were busy months for us!  Austin completed the sacrament of his First Holy Communion, the weekend after Ava turned 10!  I can’t even believe my baby girl is 10 years old!  These years are flying!

I threw her party together, literally, the week before we had it.  This Momma was flying by the seat of her pants…  I used to plan parties MONTHS in advance!  Not any more!  Thank goodness most all of her friends could make it on short notice!  Shew!  It worked out!

I literally went online and booked Main Event Center (one of my good friends recommended it) at 11PM on a Friday night.  It was super easy to book and honestly, I felt it was really reasonably priced.

We were emailed an agenda which was really helpful.  When we walked in our server got all the girls whatever they wanted to drink and their size in bowling shoes.  FYI the shoes run small in size…

The girls started off bowling, the lanes are super cool. You can pick themes and have bumpers (for only part of your group if you want). We chose the theme where it takes your photo multiple times and then inserts your face into funny cartoon shots at the end of each bowler’s turn. They were very fun to watch pop up on the screen. The girls were cracking up.

After bowling we had lunch at our own reserved table.  They mark your table with a bowling pin and balloons decorated with your name!  You have the option to buy this pin for $10.00!  Of course I did.  We just re-did Ava’s room and I thought it would be a super cute memento for her to have in her room!

We received 3 pizzas with our package.  This was plenty of food for the girls and Austin and 3 parents.  The crust was hand tossed, which was filling, and really good!  They kept refilling the girls drinks through out the party. They were nice plastic cups they could keep with lids and their names on them.

A good friend of mine from grade school owns BACK in the Kitchen Bakery made Ava’s cake.  We sent her a pic off pintrest and she did it!!! Not only was it exactly what we wanted, it tasted SO good!!!

Emily Back – 513-503-6381

Next we did the Gravity Ropes Course. It was high above all of the video games. They secure you in a harness and then you are off to complete as many obstacles as you want. The girls all went up and tried it.  I was proud of them. I went up to help but I am not sure I could have completed the courses.  You basically walk across swaying bridges, tightropes, etc. from platform to platform high above everyone else.

While waiting for the parents to pick up, each child got a $5.00 gift card to play. There were TONS of games! Everything from air hockey to skee ball to motorcycle races to basketball pop-A-shots.  The prize selection was nice.  It reminded me of Dave and Busters, a store not a counter, and nice things to cash your winnings in on.

Ava wanted a Unicorn theme for her party.  I found the bags and candy at walmart, the tags were a printable I found online, I found the mechanical pencils and note pads at the dollar tree, I worked with Gemello Creations on Etsy for the hair ties.  They are currently our super steal mommy deal.  They are offering 15% OFF Using Code SPECIAL15.  She was a GEM to work with!  Sent the hair ties right away and on short notice.  The girls LOVED these and put them on their wrists right away!

I was not compensated in any way for this post.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.