Valentine’s for School – your job or the kids?

February 7th, 2014 by Amanda with 27 comments

My kids are school aged.  Both their teachers sent home notes that they would like them to write their own Valentines this year.  Can’t say I disagree with that since it teaches them how to write and spell their friends names.

However, this required me to let go a little bit and accept that names would not be in perfect script on the Valentines!

I had already downloaded a free printable from Pinterest and was ready to get started, when Mamaw showed up with Valentines!!

They were so excited about the kind of Valentines they picked out.

Their favorite Superhero and Princesses!!


Yes, we did store bought Valentines!!

There are other really cute options you can do on Pinterest!

I have already done all the leg work for you!

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However, the kids LOVE the Spider Man with the cool pencils (BONUS!) and the Disney Princesses with scratch art (Double Bonus)!  

They were so proud of themselves when they were done!

What kind of Valentines are your kids sending this year?