What’s all the Quack about?! Duck Donuts NOW Open in Deerfield Shopping Center!

August 28th, 2018 by Lindsay Martin with no comments

Donuts are all the rage right now in the epicenter of Foodville, USA (AKA Cincinnati, Ohio). Everywhere I look on social media, I see the perfectly curated photo of a donut staring me in the face… And we’re not talking your grandmas dry, store bought stale ones. Noo no.  We’re talking mouth watering photos of freshly made, moist to perfection, dripping with maple glaze and bacon sprinkles. Or maybe one doused in chocolate goodness with sprinkles. Perhaps something even more unique. Whatever it may be. Cincinnati just upped their donut game, because Duck Donuts has entered the building ladies & gentlemen. And I can’t be more excited as I am sure you are! 


Duck Donuts is native to North Carolina territory and has been a favorite family vacation hot spot for many people for years. We visited our first Duck donuts in the small town of OBX called Corolla. It has changed the game for where we donut. It is a donut lovers playground when it comes to possibilities. You can literally choose any combination your little heart desires! They have pre-thought assortment ideas ready and waiting.. Feeling creative, go for it because here you can make all your donut dreams come true.

And my favorite part about it is every single donut, let me repeat EVERY SINGLE DONUT is made to order! Which means only the freshest donuts go into your hands. My kids LOVED watching them go through the whole process from start to finish! Please excuse the 4 year old wearing no shirt and his sisters shorts, Hey, whose kid is that?…  Anyway. It was almost as awesome as tasting the donut go down itself!

Donut lovers unite and if you haven’t checked out Duck Donuts, get yourself up to one fast! The new Deerfield location is officially open and those scrumptious donuts are calling your name.

Want to know what all the Quack is about? Get over to the NEW Duck Donuts location in Deerfield Town Center located at: 5635 Deerfield Blvd Mason, OH 45040 (Near Whole Foods and Pet People)


Interested in a chance to win free donuts??? Did someone say FREE DONUTS??!!!  Comment below with your favorite donut topping combination! We would also love to hear where you experienced your first duck donuts! Winner will be announced Sept 5.