When Multitasking as A Mom becomes Overwhelming Part 2

August 5th, 2015 by Jennifer Waugh with no comments


As promised I did some major research, pod cast listening/reading , and advice from experienced moms who manage to have a system down. I am bringing everything I learned directly to you and what systems I am going to put in place. Hopefully in the next 3 weeks before school is officially up and going here in Loveland, OH. I am going to break this down into three areas General Organization, Morning Rituals, and Evening Rituals. I will also post links to where I was able to obtain information and resources.

General Organization:

  1. Give yourself 10 goals each week and deadlines for those goals
  2. Stop multi-tasking when it comes to using the same area of your brain. (for example you can listen to a podcast and workout because you are doing something manual and a cognitive item at the same time.) Avoid doing things that are two cognitive related things at the same time i.e.. writing and listening to podcasts.
  3. Eliminate distractions for 45 minutes at a time if you have a task that needs focus turn off all distractions or if you are committing to a 45 minute window that your family has you undivided attention turn off the phone put it away.
  4. Have a plan in place for the week but allow for flexibility things can change.

5.  Meal Plan- take the thought process for dinners and groceries put into a 45 minute focus window and plan out the next weeks menus and groceries.


If you are really good at this you could do it for a month. Personally I find weekly meal plans work best for our family. (Click Here for information on meal planing).

6. Hire out what you don’t like doing and feel takes a way from things that are important. Even though we are a one income family and I bring in some extra money with fitness coaching we primarily rely on my husbands income but I found that budgeting in a cleaning person, gave me more time with my children. Having someone come in and clean twice a month has made a huge difference. I just reevaluated how to best use this to my advantage. I find we do a good job of maintaining our home but the deep down clean doesn’t always happen. So for my family we made the decision to have our bathrooms and kitchen done twice a month and a deep clean once a month. It costs the same but will save me more time. I am also using  a weekly cleaning guide to keep up on maintenance cleaning so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. I urge you to really think about what can save you time that someone else could do for you.

Morning Rituals

  1. Get up early before kids..even if it is 15 minutes early I urge you start using this time to do the following: have a quiet time and listen or read something that adds value to your day or life. I have started this and it is making a huge difference in my life, mornings, and attitude throughout the day.
  2. Make your bed it is so nice to have your bed made especially when you go to bed at night it is inviting to be able to pull back the covers.
  3. Exercise it is proven that those who are active in the morning have more clarity through out the day and are more focused and creative.

Evening Rituals

  1. Devote 30 minutes each evening to straightening up be cleaning up kitchen, (personally I love coming downstairs to a clean kitchen every morning), putting away clutter, and having toys put away.
  2. Create a nighttime routine for your little ones it is never to early to start this. We have a similar routine every night snack, get ready for bed (bath, pjs, brush teeth) and then story time and cuddles right now my husband does story time. I also suggest having a set bedtime each night right now with summer hours my kids go to bed at 8:30 including my 13 year old (he reads for an hour but during school year it’s lights out at 8:30 so he usually reads during the little one’s bath time). This gives my husband and I time together in the evenings
  3. Do a brain dump each evening..basically use whatever you put notes on and empty out your brain be it “to do items”, information overload whatever clears out your brain so that you have a good night’s sleep.

My goal is to put these items in place along with a routine for the next 3 weeks and see how much a difference it makes in my days. Posted below is where I found some great resources the checklist items and to do list are items I am going to have laminated to use dry erase makers with. I am learning to use technology but at the end of the day I am still a paper girl. Hopefully I have given you some useful tools if you are like me and feeling overwhelmed.

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Pinterest – Jennifer Waugh board organization

checklist and weekly meal plan chart – www.holyspiritledhomeschooling.net

Favorite Podcasts – Chalene Johnson – The Chalene show and Michael Hyatt ( This is your life)