Whip up the Perfect Holiday Dessert!

November 26th, 2018 by Amanda with no comments

The winter holidays call for a very specific type of dessert: delicious, easy, and definitely impressive-looking. Well, this cake is just that. Layers of moist chocolate cake, with light cream cheese whipped icing, and then topped with raspberries. The Kroger bakery made this beautiful cake for me for only $15.99!  It was the perfect center piece and yummy dessert for dinner at my parents.

Cake 3

If you’ve never tried whipped icing you need to order a batch of cupcakes from your Kroger bakery and ask for whipped or a cake for National Cake day today (or any day)!! I highly recommend you try this seasonal cream cheese whipped icing, it was seriously to die for! The icing is like whipped cream. It’s light and fluffy and so flavorful.

Cake 6

If you have been to any of my family Birthday Parties or Celebrations or read my posts about them, you would know we always have cupcake cakes from a local grocery store like Kroger and we ALWAYS have WHIPPED ICING on them! Honestly, I would LOVE to be your favorite ‘Pinterest Perfect’ mom, making everything from scratch…but that’s not my reality especially around the hectic holidays. Everyone is always surprised, asking me “Where did you get your cake? What kind of icing is this?”

Cake 4

Everyone loved it! Don’t miss your chance to try this seasonal cream cheese whipped icing on cakes or cupcakes today, available in greater Cincinnati Kroger stores and nationwide. You can place a custom order with the Bakery and have it ready for the holidays in no time. Did you know that whipped icing comes in other on-trend seasonal flavors? Talk to your local Kroger bakery to see what they have available. Oh, and if you’re looking for more Christmas-themed desserts, this Chocolate cake with the cream cheese whipped icing would taste wonderful with bits of Candy Cane sprinkled on it!

Cake slice

With its creamy texture and impeccably balanced sweetness, whipped icing is the perfect, better-for-you choice for any occasion that calls for cake. It brings out the best of what cakes and desserts have to offer with no greasy coating or gritty aftertaste.

Whipped icing also has less sugar and fewer calories than heavier Buttercream icing, and no trans-fat!


Choosing from an exclusive variety of popular flavors lets you customize your cakes and take cake options to the next level, making special celebrations even more memorable. There’s the traditional flavors of Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon, Cream Cheese, etc., but there’s also S’mores, Sea Salt Caramel, and limited-edition seasonal flavors as well!


Do you prefer whipped icing? What flavor? Let me know in a comment below!

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