Winc Wine Club – Review + $25 OFF

July 18th, 2018 by Amanda with no comments

This is an ideal wine of the month club for anyone who enjoys a bottle of wine with dinner or wants a nice bottle to bring along to a barbecue or dinner party.   I was excited to try it out and I found the website to be really user-friendly.

This wine club has a simple, 6-question quiz that new members can take. The quiz tries to identify your palate so Winc can select wines you will enjoy each month. After you start receiving shipments, they encourage you to enter reviews of the wines. They use this data to plan your next shipment and to decide on which wines to make in the future. If you feel you already know your palate, it can be really fun to select your wines each month from the 60+ options on their site.


Winc Wine Club | Pricing

The costs for Winc are straight-forward, and shipping is “free,” and included in your total. Wines start at $13, so your total cost will just be the sum of the 4 wines that you choose. That means the minimal cost will be $52 per month. They pay for the shipping when you order 4 or more bottles, and members can skip a month whenever they like. If you want three or fewer bottles, there is a shipping charge of $9. You also must pay your local sales tax on shipments. Winc will calculate this when you check out.

Winc is always looking to make their wine easier to get, so they will a $10 in credits for every 10 wines you rate, and you can earn up to $26 in credits for getting a friend to sign up. You can also buy membership credits for future use. For 4 bottles a month that are uniquely delicious, you may want to stockpile those credits.

Here are the monthly costs of Winc:

*If you choose to upgrade to Winc Select, you can choose from highly-rated, more expensive bottles of wine

If you rate 10 wines, you’ll receive a $10 credit on your account. If you refer a friend, you get a $26 credit. Orders of 12+ bottles get a 10% discount.

Winc Wine Club | Service

Winc offers a satisfaction guarantee. They will send out a “replacement” wine for any bottle you are unhappy with. You need to contact them and tell them which wine it was and why you didn’t enjoy it. They do note that any abuse of this policy will lead to it being retracted.

Winc also allows you to skip a club shipment any month you want to. We appreciated this but found it can be annoying when you have a busy month. Make sure you put a reminder in your calendar to suspend your wine club subscription for the months you don’t plan to be home.


As a new user you’ll just want to click to activate the “4 bottles for $28” promotion, then click the “Get Started” button on the top of their site. You’ll then be prompted with a few questions so that they can better understand your palette. These questions include a few multiple choice prompts like, “How do you like your coffee?”, and “Do you like citrus?”

Then, you can choose red, white, or a mix of both for your 4 bottles of wine delivered each month.  On the site you can read about any Winc wine in detail

Winc gives you  helpful info on each wine selection including:

  • Cost ($13 and up)
  • Body: (Full, medium, etc)
  • Alcohol Content
  • Balance (Fruit, earth, wood)
  • How to serve: (chilled or room temp?) 
  • What it pairs well with (fish, red meat, pasta, sushi, etc)
  • Wine description with origin and interesting history

If you do want to make a substitution, just click on any bottle and choose from a wide variety of replacements that are sortable by several filters including price.

Want even better wines? You can click “upgrade” and your wine bottles will come from the more expensive, highly-rated “Winc Select” selections. You can switch back and forth any time.

Unboxing Winc:

My wine arrived in only 3 business days. That’s fast! Here’s what my wines look like:


The wines were very well-packaged, and came with a booklet that includes “the A-Z of Wines,” to help you appreciate all of the aspects of wine that you may not have given much thought like, acidity, body, minerality, and descriptions of varietals like “Pinot Noir” or “Cabernet Franc.” Interesting and fun!

None of my bottles knocked my socks off, they all tasted like a $10-15 bottle of wine to me, but the experience of trying something new, learning new things, and being mindful about the wine I was drinking was what I liked best.

Buying wine through Winc isn’t a “deal.” You could probably find similar wines from better-known brands at your local liquor store at a cheaper price. But then again, that’s not the point of Winc. Part of what you pay for is the experience. Its really educational, fun, and kind of like having a friend who is a sommelier (wine guy) picking out bottles for you.

Personally, I think choosing wine at the store is an intimidating experience, and I end up making my choices based on the labels and price. (Duh!?) Winc gives you well-researched recommendations from sustainable sources, and even provides recipes for meals to pair with the wines.

I really like knowing that a new selection of wines is arriving each month, and it’s exciting like a Christmas gift to open!



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